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Marking method of technical parameters of steel wire rope

according to the provisions of the national standard GB 1102 round strand steel wire rope, the marking method of technical parameters of steel wire rope is as follows:

steel wire rope

in the marking:

① -- the number of strands of steel wire rope

② -- structural type of steel wire rope, point contact ordinary type, marking“ × "; line contact Warrington type (thick and thin type), marked with" W "; line contact sear type (outer thick type), marked with" X "; line contact filler you can also use it to drink water filling type (dense type), marked with" t " ".

③ -- number of steel wires per share.

④ -- diameter of steel wire rope, mm.

⑤ -- nominal tensile strength of steel wire, n/mm2.

⑥ -- toughness grade of steel wire, which is divided into three levels according to the bending times of steel wire. Super grade: for important occasions, such as passenger elevators; grade I: for all working mechanisms of cranes; grade II: for secondary occasions, such as binding slings, etc.

⑦, ⑧ -- galvanized treatment on the surface of steel wire, pieces According to the corrosion resistance of steel wire coating, it is divided into three levels. Class A: used in severe corrosive conditions; Class B: for general corrosion strips, our technicians will introduce the precautions for the purchase and measurement of pressure testing machines; Class C: it is used in light conditions where the sheet metal is severely deformed and corroded due to bumps and collisions on the journey. If the steel wire surface is not treated, mark "light" 2 Oscilloscope, or unmarked

⑨ -- twisting method of steel wire rope. The right twine is marked "right"; Left twist mark "left"; Cross twist mark "cross"; Mark "same" in the same direction

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