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Mastering new knowledge and giving full play to the advantages of CTP

printing enterprises entering new technology fields will inevitably involve many unknown factors, especially the adoption of CTP technology, which is a capital long-term investment and will bear certain risks. The support of suppliers is very important. Good suppliers can make the bumpy road easier to walk. Therefore, the technical strength of the supplier, whether there is a complete solution, whether the training of users after purchasing products is sufficient and comprehensive, whether they fully understand and master the market and trends, and whether they are willing to provide long-term support are all the factors for the smooth operation of printing enterprises after the introduction of CTP. Improving technical quality naturally improves

rotary machine has always been the main way to deal with a large number of printing. Due to its fast speed, its control is generally more difficult than offset printing. If CTP is used with rotary printing, it will naturally encounter many problems. Mr. Chen Yucai, assistant vice president of Taiye (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., agrees with this very much. He said: therefore, it took us two years to make full preparations before CTP. Within two years, we simulate the CTP production process with film, find out all possible problems and come up with solutions. At the same time, we also establish production standards and quality specifications, and test various contingency plans, so that when CTP production is really carried out, we will naturally be familiar with it

facts have proved that this strategy is very successful. After installing the zinc plate output machine, we put it into full production the next day, and all processes operate as usual. For employees, exporting zinc plates is only an additional option when exporting, and nothing else is special. The CTP system has been put into operation for about two years, and no errors have been encountered. At present, about 60% of the zinc plates are processed by the CTP system. Because many of our customers are publishers of international magazines, they must meet their quality requirements before they can have business. If the quality is not in place, there may even be compensation. Therefore, we have high requirements for color. According to our own rotary machine characteristics, paper ink combination and other factors, we establish different ICC characteristic files, and test the stability of color every time we print. Our goal is to keep up with the world's top printing enterprises in terms of quality. At present, we are testing the application of FM on the rotary machine, and the preliminary effect is ideal

master new knowledge and give full play to the advantages of CTP

some printing enterprises think that they purchase CTP. Later, the refrigerant is isothermal exchanged with the 4-week medium through the condenser, and the heat is transferred to the 4-week medium. That is to buy a batch of computer servers, zinc plate output machines, digital typewriters, etc., and combine the sensor to measure the force; The cost-effectiveness calculation of high-precision dynamometer is concentrated on hardware, software and other facilities. In fact, the essence of CTP adopted by printing enterprises is to master new production knowledge and use new knowledge to innovate printing technology. Therefore, the cost of acquiring new knowledge, the breadth and depth of mastering new knowledge, and whether new knowledge can be used to increase benefits must be carefully measured. After installing CTP, the quality and business volume of some printing enterprises have increased synchronously. After installing CTP, some printing enterprises have failed to increase their competitive advantage. The difference is that the quality of knowledge in October 2011 is different

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