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Mass production of industrial robot "joint" core components

original title: mass production of industrial "joint" core components source: Beijing business daily

our news (Financial Media Center gaoyufei) high precision RV Reducer is one of the core components of industrial robot, which can effectively reduce the speed of robot human joints, so as to make it operate at a normal and uniform speed. In the past, this technology has been monopolized by several major foreign companies. A few days ago, we learned from Beijing Zhitong Precision Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise in the economic development zone, that after years of research and development, the company has broken through the neck technology that restricts the development of China's robot industry, and successfully achieved the mass production of high-precision RV reducers

controller, drive system and reducer are the three core components of the robot. Without reducer, the machine can not operate normally even with a solid disc human articulated arm, which shows the importance of reducer to the robot

at present, there are few RV Reducer manufacturers with large-scale production capacity and reliable product performance in the world, and the vast majority of the global market share has been occupied by Japanese enterprises. Although the price of domestic reducer is cheap and the delivery period is short, there is a big gap between the product performance and foreign products. Therefore, most domestic reducers can only be used by middle and low-end robots, which cannot meet the market demand of high-end robots

with the continuous development of the domestic robot industry, it is constantly approaching the high-end robot industry, which requires high-end reducers. "This is a high-end reducer produced by us, which is completely compared with Japan, and its accuracy is the same as that of Japan. Another important thing for the reducer is its service life. At present, the service life of our high-end reducer can fully reach the level of Japan." Zhang Yueming, chief scientist of Beijing Zhitong Precision Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., told that the company has a professional research and development and management team, and at the same time, it has closely cooperated with university industry, University and Research Institute, and has adopted a new technical route to design the structure and tooth shape from scratch from a deep-seated principle; Adopt advanced design concept to compile corresponding software to optimize and simulate various parameters

by carrying out countless tests close to industrial application scenarios, and constantly optimizing the design according to the test data, the experimental machine series products produced by Jinan Shijin, a high-end industrial robot RV Reducer, are widely applicable to the localization and industrialization of physical and chemical testing in various industries, breaking the exorbitant price charged by foreign suppliers and being forced to accept the history of a long supply period, The price is about half cheaper than similar products produced in Japan

at present, Zhitong precision has completed the R & D and mass production of e-series, c-series and other series products of high-end RV reducers. Through the testing of third-party institutions in the same industry, the main performance indicators of the products, such as accuracy, service life and noise, have reached the international advanced product level, and the products as a whole are in the international leading position, with an annual output of 30000 high-end RV reducers. In the future, the company will invest in the construction of production plants and scientific research centers with 100000 sets of finishing capacity in the economic development zone, and it is expected to reach production in 2023

as one of the four leading industries in the economic development zone, the intelligent manufacturing robot industry has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, hundreds of enterprises such as Anchuan Shougang, Harbin Institute of technology and SMC have gathered in the zone. The RV Reducer of high-end robot developed by Zhitong precision will undoubtedly further help the development of the robot industry in the economic development zone and contribute to the development of China's high-end robot industry

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RV Reducer

high precision RV Reducer is one of the core components of industrial robots. It can effectively reduce the speed of robot joints, so as to make it operate at a normal and uniform speed. Its principle is a small tooth difference planetary stopwatch arrival time 1 press stop key mechanism (also known as "RV transmission structure") proposed by German Laurence Blanc in 1926. Compared with harmonic drive commonly used in industrial robots, RV Reducer has much higher fatigue strength, stiffness and life, and the return error accuracy is stable. Unlike harmonic drive, the motion accuracy will be significantly reduced with the increase of service time

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