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Marketing points of small paint enterprises

marketing points of small paint enterprises

August 19, 2005

1. Overall difference

in March 2003, the promotion law of the people's Republic of China on small and medium-sized enterprises defined the standard of small enterprises as: in the industrial field, enterprises must meet the following conditions: the number of employees is less than 2000, or the sales volume is less than 300 million yuan, or the total assets is less than 400 million yuan. Among them, medium-sized enterprises must simultaneously meet the number of employees of 300 or more, sales of 30million yuan or more, and total assets of 40million yuan or more; The rest are small enterprises

countries are defined in terms of the number of employees, sales and total assets

European and American countries are defined by the total amount of products converted into commodities per month. It is defined by the total monthly consumption of the market

both of them are based on sales volume

what is the difference between the ability of large, medium and small paint enterprises to obtain sales

2. Historical differences:

in March, 2001, the domestic coating industry widely circulated that Chou Qiming, President of garberry, traveled abroad, compared the current situation, and personally wrote the entrepreneurship plan. For the first time, the article puts forward that the core differences between the advantages and disadvantages of coating enterprises are: scale, quality, quality and brand. It talks like a treasure and is extremely popular. Aroused widespread interest due to confusion; Due to impetuousness, it's a pity that few people go to see it

although the defined standard is not necessarily completely correct, although the expression is not professional. But it marks that the paint industry has begun to pay attention to the enterprise strategy! Little do I know: a little is better than nothing

4 years have passed, and there is no new sales model in the paint industry, let alone a basically correct, systematic and referential model. In the paint sales circle, many people have a little knowledge of marketing and more critics. Stay in the "youth dream period"

during the industry growth period, large enterprises learn from each other and supplement each other. Medium-sized enterprises try to imitate large enterprises, and small enterprises can copy as much as they can. In the past, simply imitating success was indeed a shortcut

industry adolescence is over. The scale and "brand" of large enterprises cannot be obtained through simple imitation. It is very difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to make normal profits. The most basic integrity is not guaranteed. There is no economic foundation to copy the quality of large enterprises and synchronize the quality of employees in large enterprises. There are only two things left: advertising and promotion, which are deeply helpless for large enterprises: large investment, small return, the right direction, and bad ribs, which are still actively pursued by the sales ministers of small and medium-sized enterprises. This phenomenon is jokingly known as "a dog barking shadow, a hundred dogs barking"

oversupply leads to market regulation, which does not give people any chance of luck. Small and medium-sized enterprises have only one hypothetical equal opportunity; If the price is the same, we can produce products of the same quality as large enterprises. There is no thrilling jump. Before the market recognition, it is only inventory materials with technical content. Further assumption: the product is recognized by local markets. Competition rules tell us: the same non advantage

unequal competitive conditions are the historical root of the stagnant or declining sales volume of small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years. Small and medium-sized enterprises are helpless in the face of difficulties

At the same time, provide lightweight and mass production technologies and solutions

3. Core differences:

in order to simplify the space, I will discuss the core differences and the marketing points of small paint enterprises together

enterprise structure determines the fate of enterprises; Enterprise strategy determines enterprise quality

there is an accidental combination of four people in the enterprise, and the good and bad degree of cooperation between two key figures inevitably determines the fate of the enterprise. Asset owner; Marketing Director; Chief engineer; Chief financial officer

basic qualities of asset owners: pay the price for commitments; Take responsibility for the choice. Only integrity can condense high-quality basic talents who decide the fate of enterprises. Basic ability: correct judgment of short-term, medium and long-term strategies. It must be noted that this does not refer to the formulation and implementation of plans, but only to comparison and selection. The correctness of asset owners' self-confidence strategy is the cornerstone of the normal operation of enterprises. The comprehensive degree of the above qualities and abilities is the depth of the enterprise foundation

if the enterprise does not understand the strategy or has doubts about the people who make the strategy, and is not sure about the future, the decision-maker will not trust anyone. The marketing director doesn't understand the enterprise's own resources and can't design a suitable scheme at all. The fictitious marketing director is useless. One step at a time is not only responsible for the enterprise, but also for partners. Sales, finance and procurement must be handled in person, fully controlled, proficient in everything, and work in vain is the result. Employees and dealers have no sense of belonging, and the enterprise operation efficiency is low. Incorrect force methods may make the sealing cone unable to be locked

an enterprise without strategy is a ship without a rudder. With more horsepower, it can only spin in place

enterprises with the above structure account for more than the vast majority in the domestic coating industry. The monthly sales volume can reach less than 4million

II. Key points of marketing of small paint enterprises

1. the asset owner agrees that it is difficult to specialize in technology and recognize the task of correctly judging the feasibility of short-term and medium - and long-term strategies, and it is not easy to go all out. I feel that there is nothing in the field of marketing that can be mastered without taking time in the future. Feeling that he is not a professional and cannot do professional things well. Multi channel search; Ask professionals to identify; It is urgent for the marketing director to be competent for the new market form. The rotating shaft head used is reminiscent of the textile factory in the 19th century. This is a major event that the chairman of a large enterprise must focus on in the early stage of entrepreneurship

small and medium-sized enterprises can bump into talents and retain people, which is an accident in the fate of enterprises. If they don't look for them, they won't identify them, don't know how to cherish them, and don't dare to use them, they will inevitably have no opportunity. Decision makers only pay attention to customers, and set up enterprises that are eager for quick success and instant benefits at will. They will never get rid of the bad luck of small enterprises

2. After the establishment of the team, the enterprise strategy design with strong professional requirements is mainly in the charge of the marketing director: comprehensively evaluate the existing resources of the enterprise and study and judge the internal and external environment

according to the evaluation data, the overall strategy of the enterprise is designed according to the principle of step-by-step, following the sequence of the lowest total cost of ownership, innovative products, relative concentration advantages, differentiated management and cultural integration. Experience shows that as long as one of the five strategies is accurately positioned, it can bring unprecedented changes to the enterprise. There are five flavors in dishes and five colors in pictures

complete the basic system of price strategy and brand strategy (VI is fully detailed to the extent that it can be implemented; such as the standard color, standard size, interpretation copy of logo, and advertising language extended from the main strategy)

break down the strategies discussed and adopted, especially the recent strategies, into specific, implementable and simple work that can be completed as long as the fire protection performance is not up to the standard, clear and implemented step by step; Through training and assessment, relatively competent employees are selected to complete the task

the focus is on all designs, which must give priority to meeting the needs of consumers, give full consideration to the interests of dealers and painters, and take into account the minimum income of salespersons. Power source and interests. Implement the driving work to the grass-roots level, and the enterprise is only responsible for the strategic direction. The difficulty is that the paint industry must change its focus from enterprise to consumer. The smooth transformation is equivalent to the completion of the transition from sales to marketing

only in this way can the implementation cost and difficulty of the strategy be reduced

3. At present, the competition in the coating industry is far from fierce to the level of brand plus strategy. There are many opportunities for the semi mature state of the primary market, the initial stage of the secondary market, the emerging market space after the three rural policies, and the redistribution of the latex paint Market under the Anti Japanese complex

4. At the level of brand plus strategy, because there is no pioneer, the enterprise has huge space and time to display. When an egg falls on a stone, it breaks. If the stone falls on the egg, the egg will break. Small enterprises should complete strategic restructuring as soon as possible and evolve themselves into stones. Only in this way can we dare to compete with large and medium-sized enterprises - large and medium-sized eggs in the market. Moreover, there is still a huge and crumbling space for small and medium-sized enterprises to survive, for variant enterprises to gallop

5. It is also a project similar to master Hua, master Nippon and master garberry. With the support of strategic background, as long as the positioning is accurate, the process is fine, and the means are innovative, small enterprises can receive more than their effect in all secondary markets with less than half of their cost

6. Dealers and painters still have enough profit margin. Who can accurately calculate the model proportion of this space and integrate it into the recent strategy of the enterprise for market driving, quality improvement and new product development, which will achieve twice the result with half the effort for increasing sales. Many enterprises have seen this space, because there is no long-term system strategy design, so they have to sigh

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