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The "marriage road" between the shield machine and Jinan rail transit

Fujian and Chongqing urgently purchased a batch of glass thermometers and electronic thermometers as spare metering equipment for replacement. In June 2016, she moved her huge body and resolutely "married" him - Jinan rail transit line R1, which completed its departure in the construction section of wangfuzhuang station. Their "wedding" attracted worldwide attention. After more than a year, her 19 sisters successively "married" to rail transit lines R1 and R3. During this period, they silently devoted their lives to achieve the brilliance of their "husbands"! They are the shield machines designed and manufactured by Jinan heavy industry, writing another myth for Jinan to realize the rail transit era

"Kaifa No.10" shield machine beautiful appearance

constantly moving machine

shield machine, as the name suggests, is a tunnel boring machine using shield method (a fully mechanized construction method in the construction of concealed excavation method). Xujingwei, chief engineer of Jinan heavy industry, introduced that Jinan is high in the South and low in the north, close to the remaining vein of Mount Tai in the south, and adjacent to the Yellow River alluvial plain in the north. The soft soil, sandy pebbles and limestone in the stratum are alternately distributed, forming complex and unique geological and hydrological conditions. Therefore, they are all composite shield machines tailored for Jinan

on May 17, 2016, the first large-diameter metro tunnel shield machine "Kaifa No.1" in Shandong Province successfully completed the assembly, commissioning and acceptance offline, and was put into operation in the construction area of wangfuzhuang station of Jinan rail transit line R1 in June of that year to complete the departure. The construction task of 2.9 kilometers of R1 line was successfully completed in November 2017. After two starts and receiving, it has successively crossed four primary construction risk sources, namely, the new connecting line, Beijing Shanghai Pudong Railway, Beijing Taiwan Expressway and Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, with "zero settlement", and the maximum settlement everywhere is far less than the requirements of the design control index. It not only conquered the major risks of R1 line, but also made a breakthrough in carrying out difficult "actions" such as small radius curve and overlapping section tunneling 40 meters underground

as of 2017, Jinan heavy industry has delivered a total of 24 shield machines for the construction of Jinan rail transit lines R1, R2 and R3. At present, 20 shield machines have been put into offline work, and 6 have successfully completed the tunneling task

Xu Jingwei said that the shield machine has been widely used in rail transit construction nationwide, thanks to the fact that the machine does not need large-scale demolition on the ground, does not block traffic, has no noise in construction, does not subside on the ground, and does not affect the normal life of residents

high standard fine operation

each shield machine is of standard size, with a total length of 85 meters, a cutter head diameter of 6.68 meters, and a weight of 515 tons. It consists of more than 10 parts, such as cutter head, shield body, main drive, segment assembly machine, screw machine, belt conveyor, etc

on January 16, in the production workshop of Dun purchasing machine, each huge cutter head in stretching mode stood on the site, and you need to look up to see the whole picture, I also saw that each part was carefully carved (and then put in). Yu Haibo, director of Jinan Heavy Industry Office, said that each shield machine cost about 50million yuan, and the manufacturing period was 6 months. Only the cutter head needed more than a dozen welders to complete the welding for more than a month. During the design and construction period, almost all staff had no weekends, and worked overtime every day until 89 PM.

"We are also constantly updating our manufacturing technology, drawing lessons from failures in other places, and improving our products. In order to get people, every welding seam should be welded with the name of the technician, which also improves the awareness of every employee!"

when the shield machine goes offline, Yu Haibo introduced: "Based on its working principle, the shield machine can only move forward, not backward, so once it is started, each ring of tunneling should be calculated clearly. An 85 meter long shield machine requires more than a dozen workers to be responsible for different parts of the machine and ensure that each part of the machine operates normally. For example, the middle of the machine is a dynamic track, which is responsible for transporting the soil excavated by the blade to the rear in time, not to pile it in front, but to transport it out in time, no The more soil is piled up, the easier it is to cause landslides. In terms of refinement, our company has taken into account that it has contributed to Jinan rail transit for more than a year, and there are no safety accidents at present! " Lu Qingliang, general manager of Jinan heavy industry, said that the company's shield machine R & D and production should grasp the great opportunity of Jinan to comprehensively carry out urban infrastructure construction and develop and utilize underground space, and achieve breakthroughs in three aspects: first, in addition to rail transit construction, we should also achieve new breakthroughs in the shield machine market in the development and utilization of highway tunnels, railway tunnels, yellow river tunnels, underground pipe galleries or underground space; Second, in addition to Jinan market, new breakthroughs should be made in surrounding cities and markets outside the province that are similar to this kind of large-scale industrial equipment; The third is to break through the current technical limitations and realize the large-scale and serial production of shield machines

Jinan heavy industry has a scientific research team composed of hundreds of engineering and technical personnel with doctor's, master's and bachelor's degrees. In recent years, it has carried out a number of technical research and development cooperation with Shandong University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Tongji University and other famous universities, The "Jinan full face tunneling technology and equipment R & D innovation team" of Jinan heavy industry with Lu Qingliang as the leader was selected into the 2017 Quancheng industry leading talent support plan (innovation team). The "shield machine welding robot" jointly applied with Shandong University has also been approved by Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology, becoming the second batch of key R & D projects in Shandong Province. In the past year, Jinan heavy industry has also won many awards, such as the "Jinan mayor Quality Award" and the "first prize of Jinan science and technology"

Lu Qingliang said that in the next step, we will continue to carry out large-scale slurry balance shield, Hard Rock TBM, special shield for underground pipe gallery construction, special-shaped section shield and other tunneling equipment with advanced levels at home and abroad. It is proposed to establish "Shandong full face tunneling technology and equipment engineering technology research center" and "Shandong Underground Space Development and response new generation BMW 7 series is also equipped with Idrive System Research Institute with touch screen", Actively promote the construction of rail transit and the development and utilization of underground space in our province. According to the deployment of the five-year development plan of Jinan intelligent manufacturing industry, we should seize the historical opportunity of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, strive to make breakthroughs in the field of intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment, build industrial alliances, join industrial clusters, create new highlights of development, further extend the industrial chain of shield machines, jointly seize the domestic and international markets, and better provide users with system solutions

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