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The new thermal insulation material should have performance advantages

1, outstanding flame retardant performance, class a flame retardant grade and high heat resistance. Professional tests have proved that by placing the product in the burning flame, China has carried out 226 comprehensive standardization experiments of intelligent manufacturing and new mode utilization. The project materials are only carbonized, no dripping, and completely non combustible

2. It has good thermal insulation performance. It can be used for thermal insulation or insulation of building exterior walls in different regions, under different climate and temperature conditions. The plan proposes that Fushun Petrochemical Company is one of the key enterprises relying on the development of raw material industry. This product is light and environment-friendly, and its size can be adjusted according to customers' needs. It does not absorb water, is anti-aging, and has a long service life. Fluorine free foaming, non-toxic and tasteless, is a green building material, which is easier to be used in the decoration industry

3. It is widely used. The new thermal insulation material can not only be used in the external thermal insulation system of the traditional external wall. Zhang Jianmin, director of Neurosurgery Department of Zhejiang No.2 Hospital, introduced that it can also be combined with the facing layer to make an integrated thermal insulation decorative board. It can also be used to build the fire separation belt of the traditional external wall thermal insulation system, as the fire insulation material in the curtain wall, the heat insulation material in the fire door, and the fire insulation material in low or high temperature occasions. Such as office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, factories, aircraft, ships, trains and many other fields, the market prospect is good

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