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Perf go green, a biodegradable plastic bag manufacturer, went public on October 24. Tonytracy, a designer from New York City, United States, devoted himself to the revolution of green consumption a year after the establishment of a biodegradable plastic bag marketing company. His company was founded in November 2007 by perfgogreenholdingsinc The company went public this summer, with an initial public offering of more than 24million shares

the company announced on October 6 that its 50 liter kitchen garbage bag and 114 liter deciduous lawn bag began to be sold in more than 6000 Walgreens chain stores in the United States. On the same day, perfgogreen also announced that it had signed a new agreement to sell green plastic bags at sproutsfarmersmarket chain stores in the southwestern United States

perfgogreen's plastic bags have been sold in roundy supermarkets in the northern Midwest of the United States and Albertsons grocery stores nationwide, as well as through upper retailers headquartered in Bellevue, Washington

tracy has made a grand plan: in the next step, he will put his plastic bag into CVS drugstore, and is currently negotiating with Wal Mart to put it on the shelves

tracy said in an interview on October 9: Walgreens placed an order again, and the same is true in other places where we have customers. Our plastic bags will be exported to Canada. We hope to introduce these products into overseas markets, including South America

although the sales figures are not disclosed, the 7.5.3 compressive strength and flexural strength levels are multiplied by the average value of the experimental results, so the work is simple and the minimum value is determined according to table 2. Tracy, who has been an actor and has 15 patents in household products, said that he is cooperating with his processor, spectrumplastics Inc., whose headquarters is located in Cerritos, California, USA, to develop a new product line other than garbage bags

Benjamin tran, President of spectrum, is also a director of perfgogreen. In an interview on October 9, he said that perfgogreen's next expansion will target pet waste bags and linings. Tran and Tracy have known each other for about 8 years. They jointly designed a garbage bag distribution system, which can distribute plastic bags one by one after being installed at the bottom of the garbage can

perfgogreen's plastic bags are produced in a factory in Malang, Indonesia, and are made of low density polyethylene (LDPE). The company said that a proprietary additive contained in them can keep the plastic bags for two years, and the plastic bags can be completely decomposed within two years when they are transported to the landfill after their expiration. Tracy said that these plastic bags meet the standards of astmd6400 and the European Commission's weight reduction - the proportion of metal plastic is mostly below 1.7, which will be packaged

tran said that spectrum initially used a film blowing production line in Indonesia to customize prototype bags for perfgogreen. With the great success of this product, the factory has added two new production lines. Tran said that at present, this plant processes 160000 pounds of LDPE for perfgogreen every month, but this number may increase significantly

tran said: if [perfgogreen company] successfully signs a contract with Wal Mart as planned, the output of the factory will be significantly increased. Therefore, our capacity expansion to meet such growth needs is about to enter the second stage

Perfgogreen said in its report to the securities and Exchange Commission on September 25 that its stock was trading at $1.17 (8 yuan) per share. But by mid October, its share price had fallen to about $1 (6.83 yuan) per share. Tran admitted that the volatile stock market had dampened the company's managers' initial enthusiasm for the green market

he said: I don't know whether it is the best time to go public now. But [perfgogreen company] has made many efforts to promote products, and the market response is quite enthusiastic. Now we hope to slow down rather than expand too fast; But we hope to be prepared. If the product really sells well, we will have enough products for everyone

Perfgogreen officials also expressed hope that by providing its plastic bags to government agencies and non-profit organizations, the company will win a good reputation

in August this year, the community and Economic Development Association in cookcounty, Illinois, paid $15000 (102500 yuan) to order 5000 cases of plastic bags for packaging energy-saving equipment, which will be distributed to low-income families in Chicago

sohopartnership, a non-profit organization headquartered in New York, has been using perfgogreen's 170 liter plastic bags since July. The organization employs homeless people to clean the 30 block area in Manhattan

Tracy said: our company is developing in different directions. We are producing a full range of products, and next year will be a very exciting year

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