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Book binding: the perfection and unification of printing and design

the publication of a book, when it is appreciated by readers, recognized by society and handed down from generation to generation, is not only the careful creation of the author, but also the performance of the perfect design of the book binding designers, but also the crystallization of the full play of skills and hard work of the printing technicians. From this point of view, a good book binding design scheme is inseparable from the influence of printing technology and various printing materials

new technology brings new changes

from the perspective of printing technology, the technology that has the most far-reaching impact on book binding design and brought the biggest change in recent years is the emergence of UV glazing technology. People who are familiar with the printing process know that UV glazing can improve the feeling of light refraction of printed matter, locally improve the brightness, and it is a very environmentally friendly green technology

it must be pointed out that in recent years, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, higher and higher environmental protection requirements have been put forward for printed materials, which requires bookbinding designers to consider environmental protection factors while meeting the design requirements and the operability of the printing process

compared with foreign countries, Chinese printing companies have great advantages in some book packaging design schemes with more manual work, such as some boxes and packaging products. Many foreign companies will adopt the design improvement schemes provided by Chinese printing companies. However, for some design schemes requiring a high degree of mechanization, foreign printing companies are stronger than domestic printing companies. Foreign printing companies have invested a lot in chemical research and development. For example, some transparent inks and other advanced printing materials have brought very good results to book binding design

the UV technology mentioned above can be said to have been carried forward in China's printing industry. China's printing enterprises vividly show the effects brought by UV technology because the specifications of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls are relatively fixed. Foreign printing enterprises only carry out UV through the online printing process, so the place that is UV appears particularly bright. In our country, the combination of UV and silk printing technology is adopted, and UV is taken as a processing step in the printing process alone. Not only is the place where UV is very thick, but also many auxiliary materials can be added to it, which has color changes and some special effects

new process materials make design more beautiful

I learned in the interview that in order to achieve the unity of printing and design and ensure that the effect of design is perfectly reflected through printing technology, as designers, they must have a certain understanding and understanding of printing technology and process, and it is best to personally participate in the production process, improve their understanding of production technology, and fully communicate with technicians in the printing process, Ensure the effect of the design

in addition, it is the grasp and understanding of these new materials and processes in the market that we will not hide. Some fine arts, in order to fully reflect their own value, try every means to "do a good job in books and make them into a work of art". The problem is to pursue the sense of design too much, or use high-grade materials without increasing the actual stress with the increase of external load, or adopt complicated technological means... It seems that only if there is such a thing, can books be "stored" and be in line with international standards; Only in this way can it be called "book design". In reality, there are many flashy books, all of which show the frivolity and shallowness of excessive decoration, and the luxury and hypocrisy of expensive materials, which make the book binding lose its original instinct

for example, the characteristics of some special paper and special printing technology can make common materials show unexpected special effects. For example, in the design of Xu Beihong, a large art collection of Jiangsu fine arts publishing house printed by Baofeng printing company, ordinary kraft paper is used as the raw material, and then through the understanding of the characteristics of kraft paper itself, kraft paper and cardboard are used to mount beer, and the word "Bei Hong" on the book box and cover adopts silk printing and embossing technology. The exquisite craft has won unanimous praise from experts, It also fully reflects the appreciation, high-grade and collection value of the book. This book also won the title of "the most beautiful book in China" in 2005

it can be seen that ordinary materials can also make good designs. The book "Xu Beihong" uses ordinary kraft paper, which is simple and elegant. The final effect of the whole design is not only very high-end, but also very simple, reflecting the author's own philosophy. Some disadvantages of kraft paper can be overcome through some traditional techniques. Moreover, the words on the cover are directly stamped on kraft paper through high temperature and high pressure, which not only achieves a good design effect, but also matches the style of the whole book

book binding design is different from other designs. Books are three-dimensional, just like a building has six sides. In the design process, designers are required to consider each side. It is indispensable. Book binding design must first be infectious and have a moving charm. This charm comes from the hand feel of paper, the weight of the book, the size of the size, the form and color of words, and the width of the sky, foot, and incision throughout the book. Book design cannot be imposed on others. Whether it can really arouse readers' interest in reading is the value of all its existence. There are also some rules for the choice of inks. For example, Japanese inks have very bright and bright characteristics in color performance, while European inks have very pure and elegant colors. So we should also consider these when designing different book printing and binding schemes, so as to achieve better results and reflect the style of book content

new ideas promote design services

at present, many printing companies have moved ahead with services, taking the lead. They have been involved in the process of cooperation with publishing houses and in the early stage of planning and design. The core business philosophy put forward by Baofeng printing company is "more than printing", which means to extend the "tentacles" of printing further, expand the scope of service and business from professional printing to the industries related to printing, and win the market through services. For some large design schemes, the company's investment is very large, and basically it needs to repeatedly use a variety of processes to test and see the effect, In this regard, the company does not count the cost

the technicians of the printing company and the designers of the publishing house discuss the feasibility of the technology together, while the technicians of the printing company give full play to their understanding of the process and materials, put forward reasonable improvement plans to the designers, and better reflect the characteristics of the design through the flexible application of the existing technology and materials

in the printing design process of some large calligraphy and painting collections, printing companies repeatedly color the originals. In addition to adopting advanced equipment and unified color management, they also repeatedly compare the differences between samples and originals. New technology is used to solve difficult problems and achieve high results at low cost. Usually, for the printing of an album, the printing company went to the publishing house for many consultations and held more than a dozen meetings, large and small

at present, many printing companies in China have undertaken a large number of overseas printing business, which has also greatly improved the overall level of printing technology and technology in China, and laid a good foundation for printing companies to complete better design schemes

it is learned from some printing companies that most of the design departments of many publishing houses now also have professionals who understand the printing process, and their design schemes have fully considered the printing process, which is relatively easy for printing companies to adopt. However, some design schemes of many foreign advertising companies only consider the progressiveness of the design, without considering whether the printing technology and process can be realized. So now more and more designers come to printing companies to listen to the opinions of technicians and constantly improve their own design schemes in order to better complete the design schemes

people rely on clothes, books rely on books. Although book binding is subordinate to the art of books, it is by no means a simple vassal. It has its own independence and is the strengthening and sublimation of books. It should be said that the book binding design has developed rapidly in recent years, but as a design aspect, we should fully consider the craftsmanship and practicality, artistry and scientificity The use of paper and new materials

successful case

the design of "eight friends of Zhushan"

is quite unique. In addition to the excellent production technology, UV bottle shaped maps are pasted on the book box and cover, giving people a strong three-dimensional visual effect, making ceramic works of art lifelike and vivid on paper

the book won the gold medal of printing technology in the 6th National Book binding art exhibition

for the content of this book, the cover design highlights the meaning of "reading" while pursuing elegant and concise style as a whole. Printed with ultra white liv elegant special paper, large areas of white space make the charm of paper texture fully displayed, intuitively showing the extraordinary vulgarity of peak women. The design of plug-in bookmarks makes the original common form of book binding different. The golden bookmark, coupled with orange ribbons, like a ray of sunshine, injects brightness and vividness into the plain cover, effectively interpreting the success and beauty of peak women. And the actual function of bookmarks is also reminding readers that only by carefully reading their lives can they deeply understand them. This cover design shows the proper use of paper and technology, which is a powerful means to sublimate the content of books and make reading pleasant

the structural design of the book box in the story of China's reform and opening up is very humanized, with both sides open, and the open switch is a traditional Ivory bone cutting lock; The text is printed on Boer paper and sealed separately for easy access. The book box adopts three kinds of hardcover cloth with different colors. The mirror stainless steel is inlaid at the mouth of the book and etched on it. The seal is baked red, which is of great cultural taste

the book won the overall process gold of the 6th National Book binding art exhibition. 1. First of all, we should consider the need to test the tensile range of materials

Liu Hongbiao's fifty year old ink exhibition album

the text of the album is printed on milky white Mengken paper from content to format. The cover is printed black on a hard black special paper, reaching the same color but different brightness, which sets off the hot silver Title hierarchically; The waist seal made of red colored paper is printed with silver as gray and slightly transparent on a black background, which not only highlights the commemoration and festivity, but also echoes and does not go beyond the cover. Inside and outside, more and less, fine and coarse, complex and simple, harmony and contrast are organically unified to form an overall aesthetic feeling

source: China Publishing News

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