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Megaplast PP vacuum bottle performance and design analysis

for more than 20 years, megaplast has won the trust of many well-known cosmetics brands in the world with rigorous production technology and excellent product quality, mainly reflected in the following aspects: Lai, at present, the well-known brands that have used megaplast PP vacuum bottle as product packaging include: L'Oreal, Wella, body shop, Johnson Johnson, Nivea, Olay and many other well-known brands

the main components of the patented design of megaplast PP vacuum bottle:

per valve upper valve

lows telescopic plastic pipe

wer valve lower valve

these three parts replace the slingshot, steel balls and other parts of the traditional vacuum bottle. When pressing the pump head, the bells (telescopic plastic pipe) will move up and down, making the upper valve and lower valve open and close, forming that the air pressure in the bottle is lower than that outside the bottle, so the air pressure outside the bottle will push the piston (piston) upward, which will not affect the air flow in the laboratory box, and generate thrust to squeeze out the lotion in the bottle

the slingshot and steel balls of the traditional vacuum bottle are easy to corrode the slingshot and steel balls due to the contact with the lotion in the bottle, and the lotion will deteriorate due to the corrosion of the lotion. At the same time, the main part of megaplast bottle body is made of PP injection molding. Compared with plastic materials such as as as and PS, PP material has fairly stable chemical and physical properties. PP material itself has better gas density, so as to further avoid problems such as chemical reaction, insufficient toughness and easy cracking caused by bottle material problems. Therefore, IEA, which used to be conservative in Meg's prediction of the development scope of renewable energy, now predicts that APLAST PP vacuum bottle is particularly suitable for lotion products with high anti-corrosion requirements

Another patent of megaplast PP vacuum bottle is its model a pump head. The pump head lotion outlet contains a valve, which will only open when the lotion is extruded. After extruding the lotion, the valve will automatically close, minimizing the possibility of lotion in the bottle contacting the air, and giving full play to the "vacuum" effect of the vacuum bottle

at present, the only megaplast vacuum bottle in the world is completely abandoned metal slingshot and steel balls, and the whole bottle body is made of plastic: the bottle body is made of PP injection molding, the patented upper valve, bellows and lower valve are made of EVA injection molding, and the piston and bottle cap are made of PE injection molding. The plastic materials used in the above parts are naturally decomposable materials, so megaplast PP vacuum bottle is a truly environmental protection product

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