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Transformation characteristics of machine tool industry high-end machine tools become the main competitive point

[electromechanical news] China is the world's largest machine tool consumer and importer. In 2011, China's machine tool industry achieved a total industrial output value of more than 740 billion yuan, an increase of 32.5% year-on-year. However, the scale is not equal to quality. Domestic CNC machine tools, which continue to grow in quantity, have encountered many problems, such as quality bottlenecks, insufficient market share in the medium and high-end market, and the overall brand image needs to be improved, which have attracted great attention in the industry

according to Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Association of mold, hardware and plastic industry suppliers, high-end machine tools have become the main competitive point. Since the second half of 2011, the sales of general-purpose small and medium-sized machine tools in China have plummeted, and the market demand has rapidly shifted to precision high-end machine tools and high composite high-end machine tools, with efficiency, precision and reliability as the main competitive points

in 2011, the sales of metal cutting machine tools nationwide was about US $26billion, with a year-on-year increase of 23.8%. Among them, the sales volume of domestic machine tools was US $15.5 billion, with a year-on-year increase of only 15%, while the sales volume of imported machine tools was US $10.5 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 40%

according to Luo Baihui's research, domestic machine tool orders fell by 20% - 30% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2012. However, most manufacturers said that the sales situation in the first quarter of 2012 was slightly better than that in the fourth quarter of 2011, and believed that there would be a month on month growth in the subsequent quarters of this year. Companies with certain technical background, high product precision and good promotion of product informatization have a more optimistic judgment on the demand of the subsequent market, while enterprises with unclear product upgrading and insufficient precision have a more pessimistic judgment on the future market

the machine tool industry is an obvious cyclical lagging industry. Orders are generally started about a year later than other strong cyclical machinery sub industries. Before the boom of large industries such as real estate and construction machinery rebounds significantly, the machine tool industry is difficult to improve comprehensively. However, at present, the machine tool industry has begun to reflect the characteristics of China's economic transformation, and the demand is obviously developing towards high-end directions such as precision, compound and high efficiency

from the development of China's machine tool industry, the proportion of domestic CNC machine tools, especially medium and high-end CNC machine tools, is seriously low. From January to August 2011, the average NC rate of China's machine tool industry was 30.94%, with a year-on-year increase of 2.9%. However, compared with the level of 70% in some developed countries, the gap is obvious

in 2011, the import growth rate of China's metal processing machine tools reached 40%, much higher than the 26% growth rate of domestic metal processing machine tool output value. Imports from Germany and Japan accounted for two-thirds of the total, pushing up the average unit price of metal processing machine tool imports by 33.2% year-on-year. Affected by the high import pressure, the domestic market share of domestic metal processing machine tools was 66.1%, down 0.8% from the previous year

on the one hand, it shows that the upgrading of domestic market demand structure has accelerated, and users' demand for medium and high-end markets has increased significantly; On the other hand, it reflects that domestic medium and high-end products still cannot meet the market demand in many aspects, such as technical level, industrialization, market adaptability, overall service and so on

compared with the international advanced level, Chinese machine tools still have a large gap in machining accuracy, reliability, efficiency, automation, intelligence and environmental protection. At present, enterprises should grasp the opportunity of market demand, adjust the product structure as soon as possible, and seize the market of medium and high-end products. 2 The oil pressure system has serious oil leakage

at the 7th China CNC machine tool exhibition held recently, Shenyang Machine Tool (000410, Guba) group launched 20 intelligent and customized products with international standards. This is a positive attempt of domestic CNC machine tools to move forward to the medium and high-end market and key fields

in this regard, long Xingyuan, chairman of Shaanxi Qinchuan machine tool group, believes that the direction of China's machine tool industry to enter the medium and high-end market is desirable, but it is far from enough that one or several CNC machine tools can replace imports, fill the gap in the medium and high-end domestic market and achieve catch-up

because often when a certain medium and high-end machine tool in China is successfully developed, foreign competitors immediately use their price cutting trump card to block the commercialization and industrialization of new products, and then launch upgraded and improved versions of the same product

for this reason, long Xingyuan said that if China's machine tool industry wants to truly realize the breakthrough of medium and high-end CNC machine tools, it is the right way to study the innovation path and establish positive research and development

the overall brand urgently needs to improve. The deep-seated problems existing in China's machine tool industry have been covered up by the high-speed growth figures in the past few years. Now, in the process of the growth rate returning to rationality, the deep-seated problems of the industry will naturally emerge. Over the past few decades, the machine tool industry and enterprises have gone through several innovation stages from technology tracking and imitation to independent research and development, from introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation to integrated innovation, and from independent innovation to original innovation, and we have fallen into a strange circle of catching up and catching up. In fact, the crux lies in our failure to seriously consider and truly solve the first fundamental problem: where is the source of enterprise innovation and what is the path of innovation

the source of innovation is the end of demand, creating the end of the industrial chain of "fluorite hydrofluoric acid fine fluorochemical industry fluoropolymer". From the perspective of the relationship between technology and industrial development, the healthy development of an industry depends on the corresponding technology research and development, that is, the continuous development of basic research, applied research and generic technology research, and depends on whether the enterprise as the market subject has sufficient integration ability to explore the source of Technology and control the evolution of technology

the willingness and ability of enterprises to integrate related technologies precisely stems from the accurate understanding of downstream user processes. Grasp user needs and demand changes in real time. Based on the innovation drive of providing users with process solutions, the technology research and development work of the machine tool industry and enterprises has the internal driving force of deep excavation

at present, the market share of domestic machine tool industry in China is about 70%, while the market share of CNC machine tool is only about 43%, and the degree of external dependence is quite high; However, the market share of high-end CNC machine tools, especially high-precision, high-end CNC machine tools, is less than 10%, and customers are safe to use. We are the first choice, leaving a lot of development space for China's high-speed and precision CNC machine tools

during the adjustment period of China's economy, the expansion of infrastructure construction will drive the demand of railways, wind power, power equipment and other aspects, indirectly driving the demand of relevant machine tool industries. The military industry, aviation and other industries have a relatively rigid demand for high-precision machine tools. At present, the backwardness of China's high-precision machine tools has seriously restricted the development of China's aviation and national defense undertakings. The state is bound to increase investment. In the future, the demand of military industry and aviation will have a long-term pull on the high-precision machine tool industry

(source: Luo Baihui: he Minnan)

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