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Science and technology refresh height Nippon participated in the construction of the 528 meter high-rise CITIC Building "China Zun"

Science and technology refresh height Nippon participated in the construction of the 528 meter high-rise CITIC Building "China Zun"

July 23, 2020

it took six years to officially complete the "China Zun" CITIC Building, the tallest building in the capital, with a total length of 6084m ² The world's largest base area and 64M ² The world's largest interface of multi cavity concrete filled steel tubular giant columns. As a new landmark in Beijing, "China Zun" has set many "World Records" and "China records". Standing proudly in the core area of the CBD of the capital, this super Skyscraper shows a solemn oriental charm everywhere. You can not only feel its majestic atmosphere from all over the center of the city, but also get a closer view and even walk into its interior. You can also appreciate its unique style and paint representing the "respect" of the times

such a "national treasure" also has strict standards and requirements for the quality of architectural coating. As a coating delivery service provider who has been deeply engaged in major public construction projects for many years, Nippon engineering has provided an integrated whole system solution, coating products with stable quality and efficient construction services for the delivery of "China Zun". According to the functional requirements of different areas of China Zun, it has provided a whole system coating solution, such as a tough and crack proof outer wall, an environment-friendly and fire-resistant inner wall, and a dust-proof and durable ground, Help this "Ninth Five Year Plan supreme" from appearance to long-term business use experience, from inside to outside, long-term as new, emitting dazzling brilliance

Beijing CITIC Building "China respect" super project

Nippon provides all-round coating system services for "China respect"

exterior wall coating system: build jiuxiao cover Qianren, reduce the risk of exterior wall cracking

as a super project with a new height record of 528 meters in the new era, "China respect" building is strict and cautious in the selection of facade materials. In order to avoid potential safety hazards such as cracking and water leakage on the facade of high-rise buildings caused by improper construction, material selection and system structure, the "China Zun" high-rise exterior wall coating is partially applied with Nippon elastic coating with strong crack resistance performance, combined with crack resistance wall treasure in one, and the wall is covered with a safe and durable protective finish with toughness

the elastic coating has good elastic properties, and the paint film can expand and contract freely with the slight changes of the substrate and the cracks caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by temperature difference. It not only has good covering performance for the structural joints of GLS strip plate, but also can improve the cracking resistance in the long-term use process; The dense paint film can prevent the corrosion of concrete and wall base by external water infiltration and reduce the hidden danger of water seepage; Wall treasure three in one has super toughness and high firmness, which greatly improves the crack resistance of the wall base and adheres to the "bottom line" of building safety. In addition, the external wall of the equipment floor applies an elastic roughening system and adopts a special roughening roller construction to form a three-dimensional pattern effect, shaping the undulating three-dimensional sense of the external facade effect and increasing the visual beauty

the elastic roughening effect of the external wall of Nippon engineering

and in the top apron of "China respect", due to the special position height, it has high requirements for weather resistance. For this part of the area, Nippon specially adopts its water-based fluorocarbon metallic paint, which not only creates an elegant metal texture effect for the space, but also has excellent weather resistance, water resistance and pollution resistance, keeps the coating as new as ever, and has a service life of more than 20 years, greatly reducing the maintenance frequency of the building "super high"

interior wall coating system: resistant to combustion and fire, inorganic materials improve the security level

since the beginning of the project, aiming at the super high-rise building characteristics of "don't touch the pipe or anything, Chinese respect", in order to improve the fire resistance of building interior materials, Nippon has made full use of the inorganic interior wall coating provided in many major public construction projects to meet its more stringent safety and fire prevention requirements. The coating of the inorganic interior wall contains almost no organic components, and is naturally of class a combustion resistance. The rate of heat release is low, which can effectively block the contact between the open fire and the substrate

Nippon inorganic interior wall coating is "China's honor" to improve the fire resistance of building interior materials

after combustion test, Nippon engineering inorganic interior wall coating series has less harmful gas and smoke emissions and safe performance. For the "China Zun", which can accommodate 12000 people to work and receive about 10000 people a day, when a fire occurs, 100% of the internal space coated with inorganic interior wall paint can effectively reduce the amount of smoke and poison gas inhaled by the human body and prolong the life-saving time

"China Zun" internal application Nippon multi-functional interior wall products

in addition to the inorganic interior wall, Nippon engineering also recommends the application of interior wall products with environmental protection, clean taste, resistance to customers' special requirements for scrubbing, mold resistance and other functions for the internal space of China Zun, so as to meet the painting needs of different spaces

floor coating system: clean and dust-free, Fire resistant ground pavement "black technology" "

the floor is used in the area of China Zun office building. Lines, such as the spoiler and pipeline outside the car, are located under the floor. Dust prevention pretreatment needs to be done during construction to avoid dust accumulation. Therefore, Nippon engineering has innovatively launched a water-based dust-proof interface agent product for China Zun's ground construction. Good sealing and dust-proof properties can avoid dust on the floor surface.

Nippon water-based dust-proof interface agent product is effective Avoid dust accumulation

considering the application in public buildings, especially in crowded office buildings, the fire resistance and environmental protection requirements also need to be paid attention to. The water-based dust-proof interface agent used in the ground of the office building area adopts a pure water-based formula, which is dust-free and has the advantages of fire resistance and non combustion, and provides a non-toxic, harmless, environment-friendly and safe peace of mind environment for the public building space

challenge the "new height" of engineering construction, which belongs to the super refreshing story of "China respect"

the 528 meter height of China respect building is a new challenge for the Nippon engineering application service team and construction partners involved in the project construction. At the beginning of the project, Nippon engineering application service team adopted the overall coating scheme from bottom to surface according to the characteristics of each region, providing a series of professional and efficient services including material selection, color design and effect customization, so as to ensure the overall adaptability and sense of quality of the project system

constantly challenge new heights, create more high-quality and efficient services for Nippon project, and ensure the smooth progress of the project in an all-round way.

"China respect" is a super project that has refreshed its height again. Through material innovation, technology innovation and service innovation, Nippon is committed to "refreshing" more safety, quality and beauty for such a critical weapon as "China respect". There is more than one aspect to refresh. Taking scientific and technological innovation as the core is not only the core competitiveness of enterprises to achieve sustainable development, but also the unremitting efforts of Nippon to help more super engineering projects in the future. In the future, Nippon will continue to promote the birth of more new technologies and services with innovation, continue to contribute to the prosperity and development of social economy and the construction of super projects, and jointly participate in the super construction story written by China's speed, height and length

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