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Rapid technological development nbsp; Development direction of precision measurement perspective

in recent years, precision measurement technology has developed rapidly and achieved gratifying results. For example, measurement technology can measure and display the processing status in real time, and detect whether there are abnormal conditions in processing in time, which can greatly improve the production efficiency

in the process of high precision processing and quality management, such as reversible deformation (elasticity), irreversible deformation (plasticity), fracture (brittle fracture, ductile fracture, fatigue fracture, etc.) caused by different loads and the measurement index of metal resistance to deformation and fracture, with the development of optical mechanical electrical integration and systematization, high-performance nickel base superalloy powder materials, optical measurement technology has developed rapidly, A large number of corresponding measuring machine products have emerged, and the development of measuring software has been paid more and more attention

in recent years, there are many non-contact measuring machines and various devices developed by using optical principles. For example, the non-contact tool measuring system midalaser of marpross company is a new measuring machine with laser probe. This machine can automatically measure all tools without contact while the CNC machine tool is running, and can automatically position the tools according to the measured values. The non-contact shape measuring machine yp20/21 of Sony precision engineering company is also a shape measuring machine using semiconductor laser high-speed and high-precision automatic focusing sensor. All scales are standard components, and the sensor and stage are controlled by microcomputer. It has excellent operability and data processing function, and the friction machine has stable performance. The non-contact coordinate measuring system zip250 sold by YKT company is a new type of measuring machine with high rigidity, high speed and high precision. The carrying capacity of the airborne platform is 25kg, and the resolution of the scale (x, y, z axes) is 0.25 μ m。 The machine is equipped with a CCD camera with digital flange and the latest DSP processor, so it can be used for high-speed image processing and measurement. At the same time, it can also be used together with the contact probe for related measurement

with the emergence of a large number of non-contact and high-efficiency measuring machines, experts predict that the development direction of measurement technology in the 21st century is roughly as follows:

(1) the measurement accuracy has developed from the micron level to the nanometer level, and the measurement resolution has been further improved

(2) transition from point measurement to surface measurement (that is, expand from the precise measurement of length to the precise measurement of shape), and improve the overall measurement accuracy

(3) with the application of new technologies such as image processing, remote sensing technology will be popularized and popularized in the final debugging and optimization project before the formal production of each link of the precision measurement production line

(4) with the establishment of standardization system and the digitization of measurement uncertainty, the reliability of measurement will be effectively improved

in a word, measurement technology must achieve high precision, but also requires high speed and high efficiency. Therefore, non-contact measurement and high efficiency measurement will inevitably become an important development direction of precision measurement technology in the new century

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