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Technology upgrading in an all-round way Valin's new muck truck is favored by Nanjing customers

technology upgrading in an all-round way Valin's new muck truck is favored by Nanjing customers

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on the afternoon of August 20, more than 40 representatives of member enterprises of Nanjing muck Truck Transportation Association visited Valin. After comprehensive technology upgrading, Valin's new muck truck is favored by users, and four units ordered more than 20 Valin's new muck trucks on site

in the afternoon of that day, the visiting members first visited the four process production lines of Valin heavy truck and the production line of Hanma power to get a close understanding of the process production level of Valin heavy truck and engine

after the visit, the visiting representatives attended the "Valin new muck truck demonstration seminar" in the conference room on the first floor of Valin Xingma office building. Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, grandly introduced Valin's new muck truck to the delegates, He said: "Valin Xingma is an enterprise that pays attention to the technical progress and quality of products. The vehicle safety, reliability, stability and fuel saving are very prominent. The technology of Valin muck truck has been very mature and stable. In Shenzhen, we can sell 5000 vehicles a year. The choice of users is the biggest reference for everyone. Nanjing is separated from Ma'anshan, and we are neighbors. We are also in the provision of technical and service support It will be more timely and convenient, so you can rest assured to buy our products. We will uphold the business philosophy of creating value for users and bring greater safety benefits and economic benefits to everyone. "

according to the introduction of Valin technicians, Valin muck truck focuses on the product design based on the requirements of "environmental protection, safety, intelligence and efficiency", and fully meets the new standards of muck truck in first tier cities. For example, Valin new muck truck can effectively use the car coupling technology system to integrate Beidou navigation and intelligent sensing to realize intelligent control; On the one hand, the remote positioning system should aim at the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, new materials and other 10 strategic key areas, such as overspeed, unsealed trunk, wrong road and emergency alarm; The internationally leading automatic sealing environmental protection cover ensures that the upper part of the carriage is fully sealed, preventing spillage and water leakage; Using green environmental protection power, the emission requirements of the fourth and fifth national (LNG products) of exciting research and development results have been achieved. In addition, Valin's new slag truck can enable the driver to master the historical operation of the vehicle through driving industry records, historical working condition table, and historical operation track query, so as to realize low fuel consumption management, optimal loading and unloading time calculation, fault remote diagnosis, etc., and comprehensively meet the requirements of the slag transportation team for high operation efficiency Low operating costs and the need for intelligent management and control

after a comprehensive understanding of Valin's new muck truck, the representatives of the visiting muck Truck Transportation Association showed great interest in purchasing. Representatives of Nanjing lianshunda Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., Nanjing conflux Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Nanjing Tongkang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Nanjing wanfushun Municipal Construction Co., Ltd. signed a subscription agreement with Zhang Yunzhu, general manager of Nanjing Valin sales company, More than 20 Valin new muck trucks will be delivered to these four companies on a regular basis. Zang Lianrong, vice president of Nanjing muck Truck Transportation Association, said, "I have also heard a little about the high market share of Valin muck truck in southern cities, which has won many honorary titles such as" national technological innovation briquette chemical enterprise "," the first batch of national green factories "and" international cogeneration Award ", indicating that the quality of Valin muck truck is recognized by users. Today, through the on-site investigation, I can draw a conclusion that Valin is an enterprise that strives for excellence, especially in the details of vehicles. You can see that the exhibition car also sees the difference between Valin muck car and the past. This time, I not only broadened my horizons, but also saw the improvement and efforts made by Valin in the vehicle requirements in the face of Nanjing, a special muck truck market. Such an enterprise is worthy of cooperation. "

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