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CTP technology improves the production efficiency of enterprises

CTP is a computer direct plate making machine, which is a very important part of the whole Prepress digital process. Its work flow is from scanner input, computer output of digital documents, to digital proofing output of samples, which are finally confirmed by customers, and CTP directly outputs printing plates. This whole set of workflow will gradually change the previous traditional prepress process, which not only greatly shortens the working time, but also saves the use of consumables

digital process technology is the most advanced IT technology in the current international printing industry, that is, CIP3. Whoever masters this technology can truly improve the technical level of the enterprise. In order to keep pace with the international technological level and meet the needs of market competition and the development of new products, we first conducted research and experiments on the process technology of Prepress digital process, and introduced a number of Prepress digital process software and equipment. These equipment include PDF process software system, thermal CTP machine, laser Imagesetter, roller scanner, digital proofing machine, etc. Starting from the pre press service interface, we carry out the digital curve test and experiment of each interface process, from scanning input, digital printing, PDF conversion, rip interpretation, to CPT and CTF output, and gradually establish and improve the digital process data matching each process, so that the pre press part reaches the digital process

the Prepress digital process flow has been gradually applied to production after the trial production of the company. Panda brand (time Edition) cigarettes, L'Oreal, Bezier, green double happiness and other packaging products are printed directly on the car through the Prepress digital process CTP. All printing plate parameters and printing curve data are normal, which effectively improves the technical content of products and is affirmed by customers

the use of CTP technology can also bring the effect of anti-counterfeiting. The use of CTP hybrid technology on panda brand (time version) cigarette labels with regular replacement of oil suction filters and filter elements is one of the anti-counterfeiting functions of panda brand (time version) cigarette labels in five laboratories under the Institute, and does not increase the cost. At the same time of serving users quickly and with high quality, it serves users well with its advanced functions, and has an advantage for enterprises to participate in market competition

ctp plate making technology is more suitable for medium and high-end customers, such as international brands L'Oreal, Bezier, etc. these products have high requirements for color, and the printed products need to be close to the color of the manuscript to the greatest extent. The application of CTP plate making can meet the needs of users, lock in medium and high-end customer groups for enterprises, provide better personalized services for customers, and create conditions that can enhance gas exchange

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