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Science and technology is the driving force, and bidev's path of innovation in beauty and body care instruments

although scientific and technological innovation is good, don't be blindfolded. Once upon a time, all walks of life began to focus on technology and put the word "innovation" on the front line. In fact, it is not difficult to base on scientific and technological innovation, but it is the ability to use science and technology appropriately and "implement and apply" innovation. In this complex era of the industry, China's well-known beauty and body care instrument brand bidev has given a satisfactory scientific and technological innovation answer sheet praising the modulus of elasticity and the maximum experimental power

as a beauty instrument brand, bidev's dependence on and attention to technology are blended in every bit of the brand's life. As Ms. Wang, the person in charge of the brand, said, from a certain point of view, bidev beauty instrument can even be called a technology brand. Many of the products under the brand are innovative masterpieces relying on advanced science and technology

(bidev beauty instrument beauty oxygen injection instrument)

bidev's innovative R & D team first introduced a large number of international advanced technical elements, but it was not blindly piled up, but a cautious decision made after careful analysis of the specific situation and continuous adjustment in the details. Take the beauty oxygen injection instrument under bidev beauty instrument as an example, in which the high permeability technology introduced from South Korea can tighten the skin, and the space patented gas-liquid permeability technology can directly deliver nutrients to the skin dermis; High absorption technology can reshape skin elasticity, making it easier for other nutrients to be absorbed by skin cells no matter how different they are. However, it is worth noting that considering the weak skin repair ability of Asians, bidev team especially abandoned the irritating rejuvenation technology of European and American fires, avoided blindly pursuing innovation, and always committed to building a brand of beauty instruments suitable for Chinese people

(bidev beauty instrument scrapping cupping instrument)

in addition to the introduction of advanced technology, bidev beauty instrument has also embarked on its own innovation. Among them, the launch of bidev scraping cupping instrument made many people bright. Scraping and cupping were developed under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory. Elastospray? Ch polyurethane spraying thermal insulation material can provide an integrated scheme and method of thermal insulation and waterproof. It has many functions, such as dispelling wind and dehumidification, warming meridians and dispersing cold, activating blood and dredging collaterals, and so on. Today, with the gradual emphasis on tradition, the influence of this ancient method is steadily increasing. Bidev beauty instrument innovatively combines intelligent temperature control, 13 gear control and other functions with cupping and scraping, making the whole process more targeted and convenient. Bidev beauty instrument, an attempt to inherit the ancient method by means of science and technology to strengthen the foundation and strengthen the yuan, is a great example of "reasonable innovation and targeted innovation". Once the product is launched, it has been widely recognized by consumers, and has even been widely introduced by many professional chain beauty agencies in the southeast coastal areas of China, but it can still be made into components with stable size and low warpage, which is said to have obtained "official certification"

the innovation of bidev beauty instrument has achieved a lot today, thanks to technology, but as Ms. Wang predicted, the brand still has a long way to go. People need to wait and see what new works bidev will bring to people in the future

[: Cheng Zhanpeng]

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