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The technology is becoming more and more mature, and the prospect of high-voltage inverter industry is expected.

recently, the inverter branch of China Electrical Industry Association carried out research on the development status of high-voltage inverter announced by the German Aerospace Center, and visited and investigated relevant member units and enterprises. The collected data shows that with the continuous maturity of high-voltage inverter product technology and market, this industry will become a new force in the inverter industry and even the electrical industry

entering the high-speed growth period

according to the statistics of frequency converter branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, the output of high-voltage frequency converters in 2006 increased by 1200 compared with 2005, and the contract amount reached 1.02 billion yuan. In 2007, 2000 sets were increased over 2006, and the contract amount reached 1.65 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61.8%

at present, the development trend of frequency converter products towards high power is that the distance between the ten lines is usually between 25 and 50mm, which is obvious. Domestic manufacturers have made considerable progress in the development of high-power products in recent years, with several manufacturers exceeding 2000 kW. The sales revenue of high-voltage inverter products of Beijing Lide Huafu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has reached 5600 kW

data shows that at present, China's high-power inverter market is still dominated by foreign products, but with the continuous maturity of China's high-voltage inverter technology, it is gradually entering the high-power product market and gradually replacing imported high-power inverter products, and the high-voltage inverter industry has ushered in a period of accelerated development. It is estimated that by the end of the 11th Five Year Plan period, the market scale of frequency converters in China will reach about 11.5 billion yuan

there are three trends

China's high-voltage inverter has made rapid progress in technology, and has mastered many international advanced technologies through independent research and development. Experts predict that there will be three major trends in the development of technology and products in the future

first, the power unit series multilevel technology is still the mainstream of the market. At present, the domestic market share of high-voltage inverter using power unit series multilevel technology has exceeded two-thirds, including high-voltage inverter manufacturers such as Lide Huafu, Dongfang Hitachi, Shandong Fengguang, etc

the second is to develop towards high power. The market share of high-power inverter was basically in the hands of foreign manufacturers a few years ago. With the improvement of the technical level of domestic enterprises, the power of domestic inverter products also gradually increased

third, with the maturity of high-voltage frequency conversion technology, the demand of process control for frequency conversion speed regulation will be greatly expanded. For example, it is applied to industrial fields such as steel rolling mill, mine hoist, electric locomotive traction system and high-end military fields, which further expands the application field of high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation technology

the market is developing towards diversification

in 2007, driven by the policy of energy conservation and consumption reduction, the application of high-voltage inverter in light industry such as cement, nonferrous metals, paper and so on was rapidly spread. According to the data of the frequency converter branch, with the maturity of high-voltage frequency converter technology and the continuous improvement of the performance of upstream components, the experience of products accumulated in many industries for many years, and the promotion of the government's energy-saving and consumption reduction policies, high-voltage frequency converters are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, municipal water supply and other industries, and more market segments are beginning to appear. At the same time, with the overall improvement of technology, suppliers are increasingly focusing on providing overall energy-saving solutions and services

in the market competition, foreign manufacturers have certain technical advantages, but there are some deficiencies in after-sales service. After the problems of foreign high-voltage inverter, the after-sales service quality is greatly affected because the accessories and personnel cannot be in place in time. At present, however, Wang Xianhong still feels that it is only a small step out of the industrialization of PPC. In order to make up for the technical gap with foreign manufacturers in the market competition, industry backbone enterprises have consciously expanded the after-sales service team and improved the service quality and level in all business links. We have established a huge team of sales and engineers to meet the needs of customers in time and effectively improve the market competitiveness

need multi-party support

in the face of new market opportunities, the development of China's high-voltage inverter industry still needs multi-faceted support

experts suggest that, first of all, industry associations should play a coordinating and guiding role, unify the understanding of the whole industry by organizing and holding industry development seminars and other activities, and avoid vicious price competition in the industry. The association will coordinate the relationship between enterprises and the government, society, upstream and downstream customers, and actively assist the government in implementing relevant policies on energy conservation and consumption reduction

secondly, enterprises should further strengthen talent training, technology research and development and new product development, and improve the grade and level of products

thirdly, the after-sales service requirements of high-voltage inverter are very high, which requires a more sound and perfect sales service system. Production enterprises should further establish after-sales service and engineering service teams according to the actual situation of our country, improve customer service processes, and strive to improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, we should also strengthen the management level of special spot check of enterprise production in 10 provinces and regions, further optimize the product manufacturing process, reduce product costs, give full play to China's low-cost manufacturing advantages, and improve the market competitiveness of domestic high-voltage converters

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