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The leading technology is recognized by Hongji textile, and delta flat panel inverter is about to be launched.

recently, Hongji Industrial Co., Ltd. decided to test the upcoming delta flat panel inverter in order to further expand the production scale, improve production efficiency, and maximize cost savings. The test results show that the product quality is first-class, and can fully meet customer requirements

after years of efforts to test according to SAE j1960 standard (energy 2500 kj/m2), Hongji industry has developed into a joint-stock high-tech enterprise of textile machinery integrating development, manufacturing, sales and service. Its products cover 28 provinces across the country and are exported to Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, Mauritius and other countries and regions. As a textile machinery enterprise, it has very strict requirements for the quality and performance of frequency converters closely related to production. Hongji industry has strictly tested delta flat panel frequency converters

at the beginning of the design, due to the full investigation and Research on the use field of the flat-panel inverter and the proposal to establish a regular exchange system for entrepreneurs, and a large number of technical improvements have been made according to the particularity of the textile machinery industry, the delta flat-panel textile machine special inverter has successfully passed various performance tests, This marks that after careful research and development, the special alloy frequency converter for delta flat panel transformer high-end equipment fully meets the application requirements of the textile machinery industry, thus further consolidating the technical advantages of delta brand in the field of frequency converters. Delta flat panel inverter is expected to be on sale early next year

due to its natural advantages in control and energy saving, frequency converters have been more and more widely used in textile machinery. However, due to the characteristics of large cotton wadding dust and high temperature in the textile machine environment, general frequency converters generally adopt the heat dissipation system of strong wind refrigeration. Cotton wadding blocks the air duct, resulting in poor heat dissipation of frequency converters and jumping protection from time to time, affecting production capacity and product quality, Users in the textile industry urgently need manufacturers to solve this problem and develop special frequency converters that adapt to the environmental characteristics of the textile industry to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the textile production process

Delta inverter has been launched in the domestic market for more than ten years. It has a wide user base in textile machinery, plastic machinery, papermaking and other industries, and has developed into one of the most important manufacturers in the domestic inverter market With the increasingly fierce competition in the inverter market, delta gives full play to its technical advantages in power electronics technology research, and continuously develops and introduces high-tech special inverter products for specific industries to meet the application needs of different industries Delta flat panel special frequency converter is one of them

as we all know, after years of development, the market competition is extremely fierce, and the general inverter products have entered the stage of low profit sales. Only by maintaining a high enough market share, leading the competitors in technology, and providing users with high-tech high value-added products, can we maintain a leading position in the fierce competition. Based on this understanding, Delta has formulated the development of universal variable so that the size is as close as 25mm × The development strategy of actively providing customized services while providing 25mm frequency technology products is one of the products of this strategic plan. In the future, Delta will successively launch more industry-specific special frequency converter products, provide the best application solutions in different industries, provide the most suitable products with technical advantages, meet customer needs, and expand market share, which is the core purpose of our competition

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