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Science and technology innovation board fire, led enterprise opportunity

recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced the list of the first batch of enterprises applying for the science and technology innovation board, including 9 enterprises including Jingchen semiconductor, RuiChuang Weina, tiannai technology, Jiangsu beiren, Liyuanheng, Ningbo rongbai, Hejian chip, Anhan technology, Wuhan Keqian biology, and 3 chip enterprises, which became the big winners in the acceptance. Does this mean that there is an opportunity for led enterprises

what kind of enterprises are welcomed by the science and technology innovation board

at present, the stock market is divided into multiple sectors. Different sectors are targeted at different enterprises, and corresponding access conditions are designed to meet the listing needs of various types of enterprises

according to the review rules for the issuance and listing of shares on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, the issuer should comply with the positioning of the science and technology innovation board and face the world's scientific and technological frontier, the main economic battlefield and major national needs. Give priority to supporting enterprises that conform to the national strategy, have key core technologies, have outstanding scientific and technological innovation ability, mainly rely on core technologies to carry out production and operation, have a stable business model, have high market recognition, have a good social image, and have strong growth potential. The guidelines for the listing of enterprises on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange pointed out that as sponsors, priority should be given to recommending scientific and technological innovation enterprises that conform to national strategies, break through key core technologies and have high market recognition; It is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise in the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, biomedicine and other high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries; Technological innovation enterprises with deep integration of Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and manufacturing

"According to some news released at present, the Sci-tech Innovation Board has its own preferences, preferring some hard technologies, such as chips, drones, artificial intelligence and other companies with core technologies, as well as some pharmaceutical companies. Such companies need to be given more financing channels and more development funds. For enterprises, it may be some companies with high growth and potential as industry leaders. Nowadays, ecological civilization and The construction of beautiful China has risen to a national strategy, and it is relatively easy to be listed on the science and technology innovation board. " Wu Shichun, founding partner of Meihua venture capital, analyzed

in the article "who is welcomed by the science and technology board", the national weekly of Finance and economics pointed out that to judge whether an enterprise meets the standard of the science and technology innovation board, it also takes "scientific and technological innovation ability" as the core of the 6800 ton servo energy-saving two plate injection molding machine. The specific judgment methods can be divided into "six Yes No": whether there are independent intellectual property rights, whether there are relatively good research and development achievements, or whether there are steel (plate) extrusion and experimental research and development patents, Whether there is a R & D system and the conditions for the transformation of R & D achievements; In addition, the science and technology innovation board also pays attention to reality: having technology still can burn technology, making money, and high mobility. Among hard technology companies, the Sci-tech Innovation Board prefers the "power group". Not only has the business model been verified by the market, but it has even been able to make money. Although the science and technology innovation board includes unprofitable companies, eight of the first nine applicants have made profits, accounting for nearly 90% of the total. Among them, there are many players who meet the listing conditions of the main board. Jingchen semiconductor in the starting lineup recently changed the listing plate from the main board to the science and innovation board

five sets of listing standards and conditions of the science and technology innovation board (the above picture is from the official account "let's make up a missed lesson")

What does the science and technology innovation board bring?

Liu Xiaodan, chairman of Huatai United Securities, summarized in his speech at the "2019 science and Innovation Summit Forum" that what the science and technology innovation board brings: (the content is transferred from the entrepreneur official account)

1) the most different from the past is the introduction of market value indicators and the elimination of profit indicators

2) allow the arrangement of different rights of the same share

3) allow vie structure to be listed

4) marketization of pricing and placement mechanism

5) the reduction regulations and trading rules are more market-oriented

6) listing with equity incentive is allowed

7) diversified delisting indicators

in short, the science and technology innovation board is mainly for innovative technology enterprises, especially for start-ups or large-scale enterprises that do not meet hard targets such as profitability, providing a listing channel

the science and innovation board supports the development of high-quality science and innovation enterprises. Leaders at all levels attach great importance to it from the central government to local governments, from the Securities Regulatory Commission to the exchange. As a new sector, companies that can meet the conditions can basically be listed. For led enterprises, the reform of the science and technology innovation board and the registration system is really very good news. At present, some enterprises in the industry have met the listing conditions of the science and technology innovation board, which will become an important channel to solve the financing problems of enterprises

more importantly, at present, new technologies in the LED industry are emerging in endlessly. Technologies such as mini led/micro led represent the future development direction of the industry, as well as innovative applications such as IOT, intelligent lighting, plant factories, lifi, etc. At present, there is still a technical gap between China's LED industry and Sony Samsung and other international display heads in this regard. The emergence of the science and technology innovation board is undoubtedly a huge opportunity for enterprises with certain relevant technical reserves in the industry, so that start-ups can raise funds through the science and technology innovation board, so as to ensure technological innovation, which is conducive to surpassing the international advanced level

they have moved

under the background of the popularity of the science and technology innovation board, more and more companies want to log on to the science and technology innovation board

previously, there was media news that Fujian Zhongke biological Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongke biological"), a subsidiary of San'an group, was planning to be listed on the science and innovation board

according to the data, Zhongke biological was established at the end of 2015 with a registered capital of 100million yuan. In 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, it achieved an operating income of 82.7235 million yuan and 5.7386 million yuan respectively, and its net profit was 13.6168 million yuan and 19.04 million yuan respectively

the industrialization project of modern agricultural plant factory (phase I) implemented by Zhongke biology has a total investment of 717 million yuan, and 312 million yuan has been invested by the end of March 2018. The project is a cooperation with the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to produce green, pollution-free, high-quality vegetables, melons and fruits and health food by using LED spectrum technology

in addition, on March 14, Tenglong shares (603158, SH) said in reply to investors' questions in Shanghai e-interactive that according to the company's understanding to relevant people of Tongbao Optoelectronics (833137, OC), Tongbao optoelectronics' self-assessment basically meets the application conditions of the science and technology innovation board. At present, it is mainly doing the preparatory work for the application, and the specific application time has not been determined. It is reported that Tongbao optoelectronics belongs to the auto parts manufacturing industry. It is an enterprise specializing in the design, R & D, production and sales of automotive LED modules and LED lamps. However, according to the report of the daily economy, the lawyer concerned with the technology innovation board said that from the perspective of positioning and conditions, Tongbao optoelectronics may not meet the listing requirements of the technology innovation board. "The positioning of the sci-tech innovation board is first of all to face the world's scientific and technological frontier. If the company's technical ability cannot meet this requirement, then the company will not meet the positioning of the sci-tech innovation board."

it seems that no one can get on the scientific innovation board if he wants to. In addition to the hard indicators, the Sci-tech Innovation Board has more stringent audit standards, whole process supervision, strengthened information disclosure, and implemented the market main body through the information disclosure requirements of acceptance, audit, registration, issuance, trading and other links. The threshold is raised, and the difficulty of listing is not small

from the perspective of institutions, two types of enterprises have the most advantages in landing on the science and technology innovation board. First, they have entered the stage of IPO counseling and filing; The second is the unicorn that has not yet been listed

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