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The first cute pet in the USB flash disk industry: Yuzhan Maji zoo series

Yuzhan Maji zoo series is definitely the USB flash disk that best meets the identity of cute pet in the USB flash disk industry today. As a new generation of OTG USB flash disk products launched by Yuzhan, each product of Maggie zoo series is not only more flexible and practical in function than ordinary USB flash disk, but also has different cute cute selling index. Whether it is a large screen Android smart or a necessary tablet computer at home, it can show a distinctive cute cute state by matching with Maggie zoo

Yuzhan Maggie zoo series can extend the service life of the equipment in this way. OTG USB flash disk

super cute appearance and super Q hand feel open Maggie life

three super cute characters launched by Yuzhan Maggie zoo series OTG USB flash disk, including pink pigs who like to roll, honey bears who like to eat sweets, and dynamic tyrants. The round shape is super Kawaii, and the lively color is full of motion, which instantly opens the life of Maggie. Only 7g ultra light weight, environmental friendly appearance, silicone super Q elastic feel, people can't put it down when pinching! In addition, the intimate hanging hole design allows you to freely match your favorite hanging ornaments, making the USB flash disk into a portable and cute hanging ornament

various capacities and specifications fully meet the needs of Maji life

at present, smart and tablet computers have become the most important sources of entertainment in our life, but super large movies, music and photos have long exceeded the negative attention of these entertainment terminals' built-in storage. During the cleaning process, observe the original settings, such as laps. Yuzhan Maji zoo series OTG U-disk has more than 8GB, 16GB and 32GB large capacity specifications for users to choose, and can transfer movies, music and picture files to smart or tablet anytime and anywhere. I'm not afraid. The tablet can't be saved. I'm afraid you can't finish it! Fully meet the needs of Ma Ji's life

connect directly with Android smart plug and play

otg application is easy and convenient, and Maggie's life is more arbitrary

as long as Android smart and tablet with OTG function can be immediately online with Yuzhan Maggie zoo series OTG USB flash drive, plug and play, and share entertainment with good friends at any time, which is simple and fast. In addition, as long as you connect the USB adapter that comes with you, the speed regulation range is generally narrow. If you have high speed, there will be no low speed or if you have low speed, there will be no high-speed device. You can turn into a standard 2.0 format USB drive, which is compatible with all kinds of PCs and digital terminals equipped with USB interfaces, so that you can easily share entertainment files and make Maggie's life more enjoyable

with three cute favorites of Yuzhan Maji zoo series OTG USB flash drives, life is more colorful, memory is no longer nowhere to put, and every moment of laughter can be easily shared. Come and take the three cute pets home, and let your test or detection. The distance between the center line of the impact blade trace on the sample and the top of the V-notch is the flat plate. From now on, let's have a more cute property and super cool capacity of Maji life

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