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Usage evaluation: rinnai/Linnei nm02t+2e01ns shaped fire gas range European top range hood

rinnai/Linnei nm02t+2e01ns shaped fire gas range European top range hood set

intelligent dry burning efficient shaped fire 18 cubic meters high suction

one month experience: the used Shunfeng will be delivered the next day into the second half of 2017, super fast customer service attitude is also excellent, and the installer is very serious about the installation, and then re install it It's very good to cover the package with dust prevention. Linnei big brand has a continuous process of pre-sales and after-sales! It can be used for QS certification of food packaging. I really like it

evaluation after three months of use: Please Click to view the working principle diagram of pulsation fatigue testing machine

product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Shanghai Linnei Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Shanghai Linnei Co., Ltd.

Product Name: range hood

3C product model: cxw-218-nm01j 235w 220V ~ 50Hz, cxw-218-et01g 220W 22

origin: Chinese Mainland

brand: rinnai/Linnei

model: cxw-218-nm02t+rb-2e01ns

intelligent type: does not support intelligent

exhaust volume of range hood: 14 Turn on the power supply, 8m3/min

color classification: Black

fuel type: natural gas

control panel of range hood material: tempered glass

gas stove structure: embedded

installation position of range hood: top suction

after sales service: national joint insurance

smoke stove elimination package type: smoke stove combination

range hood type: European style

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