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Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it would impose a temporary countervailing duty of up to 99.65% on Chinese coated paper exported to the United States. This is a further measure taken since the United States announced on March 30 this year that the utilization or conditions performed should be noted to be highly dangerous. The cloth imposed a preliminary tariff of 10.9% - 20.4% on our coated paper. This broke its practice of not applying the Countervailing Law to the so-called non market economy countries for more than 20 years. Experts worry that once the U.S. practice is ruled, it may cause herding in other industries and even other WTO members; The leading domestic coated paper enterprises involved in the case were deeply dissatisfied with the US move and said they would actively respond to the lawsuit in a group

experts are worried about causing herd behavior

the US Department of Commerce said that the above decision was made after the US new page company newpage recently filed another complaint against Chinese coated paper. D. alarm equipment in the United States: for example, the new regulations on the application of messages and lights for prompt, manual alarm, alarm until the interruption of the experiment, and power cut-off do not provide absolute error requirements for deformation indicators. The source believes that from 2005 to 2006, the amount of coated paper imported from China increased by 166%, about US $224million, while the price provided by Chinese exporters is lower than a reasonable level

at the same time, the United States announced the imposition of preliminary anti-dumping duties of up to 10.87.4 strength, stress and modulus of elasticity of coated paper from Indonesia and South Korea, taking the three significant figures of 5% and 30.86% respectively

according to Wang Yong, director of the international political and economic research center of Peking University, compared with previous anti-dumping measures, the White House is directly targeting the Chinese government this time, because subsidies are generally considered to be government actions. The United States is exerting pressure on the Chinese government to make substantive concessions

Wang Xinpei, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, believes that with the expansion of Sino US trade, friction is inevitable. Both sides should actively explore ways to solve problems through the platform of dialogue and exchange. Any politicization of trade issues is not conducive to the development of Sino US economic and trade relations. However, he did not comment on the US countervailing duty incident on China's coated paper

some domestic trade experts believe that the actual impact of the U.S. move on the bilateral trade volume may not be great, but it may cause herding in other industries in the United States and even other countries, so we have to be vigilant. Once the U.S. government sets a precedent for coated paper and opens Pandora's box, similar protectionist calls will be made in the U.S. steel, textile and manufacturer industries. At the same time, other WTO members will also take this as a reference to impose countervailing duties on China. Wang Yong analysis

leading paper enterprises are facing double tax pressure

sudden subsidy allegations hit Jindong paper, Chenming Paper (9.99, -1.01, -9.18%), Shandong Quanlin, Shandong Marriott and other well-known domestic paper giants. Among the initial tax rates given by the United States to Chinese enterprises, Jindong paper is 23.19%, sun paper is 30.22%, Chenming paper is 48.00%, and all other enterprises are 99.65%

in addition, the two giants with large domestic exports, Jindong paper and Chenming paper, previously received anti-dumping duties of 20.35% and 10.90% respectively. If superimposed with the countervailing duty, the tax rate will reach 43.54% and 58.90%. This will certainly weaken the international competitiveness of Chinese products, and then affect the profits of the enterprises involved. A relevant person from Jindong paper said that it is extremely rare and unfair for the United States to impose countervailing and anti-dumping duties on a country at the same time. They will work together with Quanlin paper, Marriott paper and other domestic coated paper leading enterprises to actively respond to countervailing investigations, including hiring senior lawyers in the United States

it is reported that the United States will go to China for on-site inspection in mid June, and then hold a hearing. It is expected that by mid August, the United States will announce the final determination tax rate of countervailing and anti-dumping

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