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Usage evaluation: Lingyun Q7 network TV set-top box WiFi wireless HD home Quantong 16g Android TV box experience

Lingyun Q7 network TV set-top box WiFi wireless HD home Quantong 16g Android TV box

16g storage dual enhanced antenna second broadcast TV

one month experience: Overall, the cost performance is still very high! Disadvantages: the plastic feeling is too strong. The working materials are suitable for the nominal diameter of 100mm (4) 000mm, and the pressure grade is 0.1MPa (2) 5MPa, the ring stiffness grade is 1250n/m ⑴ 000, and the frpm pipes for underground and surface water supply and drainage water conservancy, farmland irrigation and other pipeline projects with high strength requirements should be improved. There is no bubble film in the package of electronic products, so it is strongly required to add it! Changing the menu is sometimes a card. It's not the problem of the signal source. Customer service doesn't need to explain. If it doesn't come out, it's understandable. But sometimes the menu can't get in, pretending to die for more than ten seconds! Advantages: there are a lot of things at this price. The total cost performance is very good

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Lingyun Q7 network TV set-top box configuration parameters:

Product Name: Lingyun Q7

number of CPU cores: four cores

memory capacity (ROM) : 16GB

brand: Lingyun

model: Q7

package type: package 1 official standard configuration

platform type: Central People's Radio

architecture type: A7

chip brand: rockchip Ruixin micro

running memory ram:1gb

place of purchase: Chinese Mainland

Color Classification: white

support format: h.265divxmpeg4mpeg2 mpeg1xviddavivobrmvbmp3wmadvd-isobd-isobd-9bd-25rb becomes flexible and efficient dd5d9apem4aoggflacpcmm KV

storage method: built-in flash memory

hard disk capacity: 8g

output resolution: 19201 x1080

player classification: network player

subtitle format: asssmisrtlrctxtsubssapgs

interface type: network interface WiFi HDMI video avusb

operating system: Android

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