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The United States hinted that it might impose a tariff of 36% on some corrosion-resistant steel made in China, which is installed and fixed by screws. Bloomberg said on the morning of Beijing time on the 4th that a preliminary investigation by the U.S. Department of Commerce showed that some corrosion-resistant steel imported from China may be subject to a tariff of up to 236%, which is determined according to the subsidies they receive

the U.S. Department of Commerce said in an e-mail announcement that its investigation found that five Chinese exporters, including Angang Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd. and Baosteel, received subsidies as high as the above level. CBP will be instructed to require these companies to pay cash deposits based on the proportion of subsidies they receive

this preliminary investigation result is the first ruling of three trade complaint cases filed by American steel producers this year. Previously, products from overseas manufacturers such as China poured into the U.S. market, bringing prices down to nine years. Its market sales are increasing at a low rate of 16% a year, resulting in 31% of the capacity of U.S. steel mills being forced to idle. This ruling may help raise the price of products in the United States

the five Chinese enterprises that were identified as having received a subsidy of 23. 36% for the spherical strut installed in the working piston did not participate in the survey. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the subsidy ratio of Yehui (China) technology materials Co., Ltd., another company, is 26.3%

the preliminary survey shows that Indian enterprises enjoy the highest subsidy of 7.7%, and the subsidy ratio of Italian government to exports is 3. The technical parameters of technical names are 8.4%; The maximum subsidy ratio in South Korea is 1.4%

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